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Vehicle Loan

Vehicle Loans


Purchase of two/four wheeler vehicles(not requiring heavy duty license ). For purchase of used/second hand 2 and 4 wheeler. (age of the vehicle not to exceed 3 years)


  • Resident Indian citizen and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) holding valid license.
  • Minimum age - 18 years and maximum age - 70 years.
  • Individual, either singly or jointly with other family members viz. father, mother, son, spouse or daughter as co-applicants.
  • Companies / Firms for purchase of vehicle for usage by their Directors / employees

Quantum of Loan

Loan type Maximum quantum of loan
New 4-wheeler Rs. 00 Lakh
Old 4-wheelers (not older than 3 years) Rs. 00 Lakh
New 2-wheeler Rs. 00 Lakh


Repayment period Maximum repayment tenure
New 4-wheeler 0 years
Old 4-wheelers (not older than 3 years) 0 years
New 2-wheeler 0 years